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Tanco Family Celebrates Independence Day


Every 15 August in India celeberates as Independence day and India is going to celebrate its 70th year of Independence. Everywhere in offices, school and every institution it celebrates with great joyness. So many institutions having special events to rejoice the day.In Delhi kids use to fly kites and celebrate this day with the sky limits.
                 August 15, 1947, a day when Bharat and its entire population got a new birth. A day INDIA commemorates with its head held high.This very day, 7 decades ago, started with the people and their leaders waiting to celebrate their new found freedom, waiting to hoist the tricolor high in the sky.
The sense of pride and nationalism is elevated more by singing the National Anthem and hoisting of the national flag. It lets us feel the struggle that our freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Lokmanya Tilak, Chatrapati Shivaji, other patriots and soldiers went through to protect our nation. 

Without the efforts of all those self-sacrificing souls, we would still find ourselves imprisoned under the influence of the British rule.

This year India will celebrate Janamasthmi and Independence Day together. This is great celebration for all the people living in India. All people with different thoughts and with different race and classes sing national anthem “ jan gan man… “ with great rejoice and this year we all in Tanco with all of you will celebrates Lord Krishna “Janam” i.e. Janmansthmi. Mathura is land of Lord of Krishna and there people used to enjoy this festival for more than a week.
In so many state they organize different kites festivals on this day. Also so may organization orgainse different events to engage public gathering to celebrate this day.
This 15 August is most celebrating for all Indian including Tanco not only in country but also outside the country and this day has great celebration in most of the country including Arabic countries as UAE, where it has been celebrated with great and remarkable events. America, Canada, London, Russia everywhere it has been celebrated.
As far as the economy is a concern it needs to say here that this is the festival which provides a great employment to a large section of the population. Inventory used to celebrate this day leads to a great business not only for Indian but also for neighbour countries who produce inventories for this our festival.                     
We at Tanco are proud to celebrate 70th Independence day and pay our salute to our HonourablePrime Minister Narender Modi and awaiting his proud speech on 15 August from Lal killa. We at Tanco Celbrates this day of Independence day as well as Indian Soldier Day. We proud to being Indian.
Happy Independence Day-Tanco !

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Happy Janamasthmi with Tanco Family

    Let’s celebrate Happy Janamasthmi with Tanco Family.

Lord Krishna was 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu, was born in around 3112 BCE. He was born around 5132 years ago according to Roman calendar. Earth was horrified with the burden of sins committed by Kansa. Kansa, the King of Mathura was extremely cruel and an evil. His subjects were mysteriously terrified of him. When Kansa’s sister Devki was married to Vasudeva, an akashvani or voice from the sky was heard that Devaki’s 8th son would destroy Kansa !

Kansa immediately drew his sword to kill Devki but Vasudeva intervened and requested Kansa to not to kill his wife. Vasudeva assured that he would hand over every infant after birth to Kansa. Kansa sentenced both Devaki and Vasudeva to be jailed immediately. 
When Devaki gave birth to her first child, Kansa came to the prison  and killed the newborn. This continued till he killed the first six sons of Devaki and Vasudeva. Meanwhile, people of Mathura were  praying to the Gods to spare them from Kansa’s dictatorship.
Even before her 8th child was born, Devaki and Vasudeva started sad about its fate . Lord Vishnu appeared before them and said He would come soon and will rescue the couple and all of Mathura! He instructed Vasudeva to carry Him to the Gwala Nanda in Gokul right after his birth. Here, Nanda’s wife Yashoda had given birth to a daughter who was to be exchanged with baby Krishna. Vishnu assured them that “nothing shall restrict your path”.
At midnight on 8th day of lunar month Shravan i.e. on Ashtami, the divine baby was born in Kansa’s prison. Remembering the instructions of Lord Vishnu, Vasudeva held the infant tightly to his bosom and started for Gokula, but found that his legs were in chains. He jerked his legs and it was loose! The massive iron-barred doors unlocked and opened up.
While crossing river Yamuna, Vasudeva held his baby high over his head. The rain fell in fast-moving water and the river was over flowing. But the water made way for Vasudeva and amazingly  Anant Shesh Nag followed him from behind and provided protection over the infant.
When Vasudeva reached Gokul, he found the door of Nanda’s house open. He exchanged the babies and rushed back to the prison of Kansa with the infant girl,recently borned. Early in the morning, all the people at Gokul celebrated the birth of Nanda’s beautiful male child. Vasudeva came back to Mathura and as he entered, the doors of the prison closed themselves. When Kansa came to know about the birth, he hurried inside the prison and tried to kill the baby. 

But this time it skipped from his hand and reached the skies. The child transformed into the Goddess Yogamaya, who told Kansa: “O foolish! Man who will kill you has been born already? Your end is unavoidable.” Saying so, she vanished.
In his youth Krishna killed Kansa along with all his unkind associates, released his parents from prison, and hand over  Ugrasen to be King of Mathura.
Futher he proclaimend Geeta in Mahabharat and few lines from Shreemad Bhagvat Geeta says as

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । 
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥ 

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । 
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥

Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,
And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth

Krishna always stands with absolutely persistent perfect balance – with one foot tightly on the ground, the other foot crossed over, apparently touching the ground, but in reality it doesn’t. Life is all about balance. On various stages of life Lord Sri Krishna shows all his devotees how to balance greediness and holiness.

He ruled the country, as King and gave the highest form knowledge to Arjuna and Uddhava. Hence the most authentic way of celebrating Janamashtami is knowing that you have to live with great Karma to avoid all pains in life. In His Life he taught all about life and how to lead this. As all belonging at his time followed him, we all in Tanco  pay our respect and devotion, with all people, to our Great Lord Krishna.
Happy Tanco Janamasthmi !!!!

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Raksha Bandhan - A thread of Love and Care - Tanco Lab Products

The word “Raksha” means Protection and “Bandhan” means a bond. Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a Hindi Festival which is signified as a bond of care and love. Rakhi is a very special festival for Hindus and is celebrated on the full moon day of August every year. Basically, this festival is a celebration of the special and pure love between brothers and sisters.

Rakhi Ceremony

In the morning, brothers, sisters and other family members get together in a nice dress. Sisters tie a Rakhi (a ceremonial decorated thread) to her brother’s wrist and pray for his happiness. This is her way of expressing her love for her brother on this special day. And the brother gives her a gift and promises to protect her under all circumstances.

Those brothers and sisters who are geographically not together and can’t be with each other on this day, they may share the Rakhi and gifts through the post with a letter of blessings. This festival is also celebrated among cousins and even distant family members. This day not only brothers and sisters get together but all family members celebrate this day.

Preparation for the festival

Weeks before the Raksha Bandhan, the market gets changed and it is seen in the environment. Everywhere sisters and brothers are seen shopping something special for the beloved siblings. Sisters shop for the Rakhi and sweets for their brothers. Some sisters design their own Rakhi. And brothers also shop for the gifts for their sisters.

Prayer and Promise

After Rakhi, sisters pray for the well being of her brother and his prosperity. Then she applies a Tilak (tikka), a colorful mark, on the forehead of her brother. Then sisters offer some sweets with her own hand to her brother. The brother then promises to take care of her sister and protect her in all stages of her life.

Tanco wishes all the brothers and sisters a very Happy Raksha Bandhan-2017.


Water Baths: Application & Features

water bath is laboratory equipment. Water Bath is a container filled with heated water. It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. All water baths have a digital or an analog interface to allow users to set the desired temperature. Tanco Water Bath rectangular is made up of stainless steel (SS) of 304 high graded. Tanco Water Bath rectangular is of High Quality with European CE certifications and when it comes to the pricing our Equipment is one of the cheapest in the World.

Applications of Rectangular Water Bath

Tanco Water Bath Rectangular applications and utilization involve warming of reagents, melting of substrates or incubation of cell cultures. Water Bath Rectangular (Single Walled) is also used to enable certain chemical reactions to occur at high temperature. As stainless steel does not react with any chemical compound.  Water bath is a preferred heat source for heating flammable chemicals instead of an open flame to prevent ignition

Thus Water Bath can also be used in Defense Industries during testing for explosives. Different types of water baths like double walled, circulating, serological, high precision, incubator shaker, refrigerated circulating water bath are used depending on different types of application in different industries. All these types of Water Bath are built by Tanco. For all of Tanco’s Water baths, it can be used up to 95 °C. When the temperature is above 100 °C, alternative methods such as oil bath, silicone bath or sand bath may be used. All of these equipment are also made by Tanco

In today’s world where much emphasis is given to superior quality standards and in developing country like India the products have to be price sensitive, Tanco Water Bath wins the race hands down with its good quality products. Tanco is an ISO 9001: 2008 , ISO 13485:2012 & WHO:GMP certified company.

Water baths are used in diverse fields for various purposes. Some of the industries where they are used frequently are:

  • Educational / Government Laboratories
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Research Laboratories – Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, etc.
  • Food & Cosmetic Technology Laboratories
  • Waste Water Laboratories
Another special feature of Tanco is that the Water Bath all the product are highly customized and comes in different sizes according to wishes and needs of our esteemed customers and are also automated. Tanco besides looking after the domestic market also exports to other countries. With high quality and low pricing as Tanco’s signature statement providing superior technology along with reliability is its trademark. 

Applications of Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Flow Cabinet also called laminar flow closet (or) sometimes in a more scientific language called Tissue Culture Hood. In a simpler language, Laminar Flow Cabinet is used to prevent contamination of biological (or) bacterial samples and at times other sensitive materials. The Laminar flow Cabinet is usually made up of stainless steel with no gaps (or) joints. Particular care has to be taken while manufacturing it that not even small pores should be present. The Laminar flow Cabinet is usually of two types Vertical Laminar Air Flow as well as Horizontal Laminar Air Flow.

Applications of Laminar Air Flow

The major applications related to Laminar Flow Cabinet are found in research laboratories where scientists & researchers do various kinds of an experiment using virulent and deadly pathogens which if comes in contact with humans can prove life threatening. Thus, to maintain high quality while designing & manufacturing any clean air equipment and later giving strength to extreme quality control measure is of utmost importance. It also finds applications in the field of defence, agriculture & also veterinary nowadays which is gladly fulfilled by Tanco and its superior quality products

In today’s world where much emphasis is given on safety standards and particularly given this type of medical equipment Tanco’s Laminar Flow Cabinet (both vertical and horizontal) stand apart in this race with its superior & high-quality production. Tanco is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Tanco products manufactured by high graded stainless steel keeping the quality standards in lieu with the international specifications and requirements. Tanco Laminar Flow Cabinet is extremely effective and efficient when used in medical and research, the equipment found testimony in front of our large customer base which included scientists, professors, and top shot corporate executives. Beside Laminar Flow Cabinet, Tanco also manufactures a wide variety of other scientific and medical equipment. 

Tanco’s Laminar Flow Cabinet beside being of high quality is also affordable and reasonable in its pricing model. As India is developing nation with limited resources the research & scientific community time & again showed its gratitude towards a responsive Tanco as it has helped India in achieving its scientific development with its vertical, horizontal which is also highly customized according to wishes and needs of our esteemed customers. Our manufacturing cost of the end product comes out to be even cheaper than that of the Chinese manufacturing. Tanco besides looking after the domestic market also exports to more than 60 countries in all major continents around the globe. With quality and affordability in its quiver, Tanco is sort after in all the major markets of the world. All the products are European CE marked.

Tanco High-Pressure Rectangular Autoclave

Autoclave in a layman’s language used for pressure chamber which is usually made up of stainless steel. Inside the chamber, both pressure and temperature are elevated for carrying out various medical and industrial application in which the most important being sterilization. There are two types of autoclaves: Vertical, which is limited in size and Horizontal, can be manufactured in much bigger sizes.

Applications of High-Pressure Rectangular Autoclave

The major applications related to Autoclaves are found in the sterilization of medical equipment under high pressure saturated steam at 121℃ to 134℃ with 15-20 psi pressure for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the contents within. Sterilization is an important factor & is profoundly used in hospitals, research laboratories, CSSD biomedical waste etc. A novel addition to this long list of applications which is finding increasing acceptance & popularity is pre-disposal treatment and sterilization of waste material such as pathogenic hospital waste.

In today’s world where much emphasis is given on safety standards, Tanco’s Autoclave (both vertical and horizontal) stand apart in this race with its superior & high-quality production. Tanco is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Tanco products manufactured by high graded stainless steel keeping the quality standards in lieu with the international specifications and requirements. Tanco Autoclaves are extremely effective and efficient when used in medical and laboratory equipment found testimony in front of our large customer base. Beside Autoclave Manufacturer, Tanco also manufactures a wide variety of other scientific and medical equipment.

About Tanco Autoclave

Tanco’s Autoclave beside of high quality is also affordable and reasonable in its pricing model. As India is developing nation with limited resources a useful product like Autoclave should be available to everyone according to the requirements, the responsibility Tanco as a socially responsible company whole-heartedly fulfills. Another feather in Tanco’s cap is all the Autoclave product whether vertical, horizontal (or) portable are highly customized according to wishes and needs of our esteemed customers. Tanco’s highest selling product is high-pressure rectangular Autoclave which is highly sought after in the domestic as well as international market. Tanco besides looking after the domestic market also exports to other countries. With quality and affordability in its quiver, Tanco autoclaves are sort after in other Asian and African markets. All the products are European CE marked.

In the domestic markets known brands like SRL laboratories, BHEL, Fortis Escorts, AIIMS Hospitals are just a few names Tanco associates itself with proudly. PL Tandon & Company was founded in 1950’s as a modest and contending trading unit and later started its own manufacturing unit located in Delhi under the brand name “Tanco” with the availability of manpower and resources at its disposal within its easy reach. Tanco is quite keen on and its eyes in the future cemented with concrete and steel. It is looking at expansion in the future and scouting for new customers and consumers aggressively balancing the repeated customers with ease. The first time customers usually do business with us time and again and become our valued kings!


On 8th November 2016, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi took a radical monetary step in which a currency of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 denomination notes will be considered alleged invalid or obsolete from 30th Dec 2016. The process of demonetization is called into play to buckle down the dreadful effects of corruption, black money, fake notes & terrorism. It is not the first time Central Government has taken this harsh step in the country. It was first implemented in 1946 when the Reserve Bank of India demonetized Rs.1000 & Rs.10, 000 notes. The government then brought the higher denomination banknotes i.e. Rs.1000, Rs.5000 and Rs.10, 000 in a fresh avatar eight years later in 1954 before the Morarji Desai government again demonetized these notes in 1978, yet again. The step taken by central government will not only fight against corruption & black money in market but will also eliminate fake currency that are pumped into the economy each year which is being used by terror groups to fund terrorism in India. According to the previous study done by National Investigation Agency (NIA), it has been reported that the fake currency is pumped in through the land route of Bangladesh. Manufactured in Pakistan, it reaches Bangladesh through air and sea route. An organized group then pushes the money into India through the porous border areas. The whole idea of Demonetization is to curb the parallel black economy, which exists, and have grown deep roots in the Indian Economy over the last 70 years. Demonetization aims to lower down the cash circulation in the country. The move is estimated to scoop out more than Rs.15 lakh crore of black money from our economy. It will eliminate fake currency and dodgy funds, which have been used by terror groups to fund terrorism in India.

Vertical / Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

  • Vertical Laminar Air Flow / Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Available in Basic Material-SS(304 Grade) GMP Model  MS Powder Coated & Wooden with Exterior Surface Covered with Formica.
  • Working Table is Made of Stainless Steel Sheet.
  • Side Panels & Front Doors are Made of 6mm Thick Acrylic Transparent Plexi Glass.
  • Providing Particle free air to (Class 100 Conditions ) assure 99.97% removal of airborne particles as 0-3 micron in the work area.
  • Fitted with Statically and Dynamically Balanced Motor of 1/5 H.P. Capacity Operated with Minimum Noise Level.
  • Ultra Clean air Moves at a velocity of approx 90:+/-20 feet per minute.
  • Built in U.V. Germicidal Light- Facilitates Sterilization of Working Are Before and After Use.
  • Working Area is Illuminated by Fluorescent Lighting Fitted to the Uint.
  • Complete with HEPA Filter, Pre Filter , U.V. Tube, Motor Blower, Manometer, Gas Cock, Transparent Acrylic sheet Front and side Doors.
  • Workable on 220/230 Volts AC Supply.
Working Size              | 2' X 2' X 2'  |  3' X  2' X 2' |  4' X 2' X 2' | 6' X 2' X 2' | 
Size of HEPA Filter   | 2' X 2' X 6'  |  3' X 2'  X 6' |  4' X 2' X 6' | 3' X 2' X 6' |
No. of HEPA Filters  |         1          |           1         |          1         |         2         | 

    tanco Vertical Laminar Air Flow Laboratory Laminar Air FlowPowder Coated Laminar Air Flow

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Specialized quality technology system for food manufacturing Industry

Your Future is ours too....

The Ministry of Health and Family welfare has now made it mandatory for determination of certain Nutritional Facts, to be printed on the packaging of food products. With the issue of G.S.R  notification 664(E) dated 19th  September, 2008 the following basic nutritional informational information needs to be declared to avoid penalization:-
Food Testing
  • Oil / Fat Contents
  • Proteins Contents
  • Carbohydrates Contents
  • Calorific Value / Energy Value 
  • Sugar if Added
  • Moisture Determination
In view of this regulation. the food processing Industries are now making arrangements to have in-house quality testing solutions,adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices ( G.M.P) . Most first - rate food products require testing and quality regulations before being released in the market. Lack of such Nutritional Facts may become a Significant barrier in trade and distribution. Suitable quality assurance measures are now necessary to gain customer satisfaction and industry  approval.

Since the acceptance of the new norms to ascertain nutritional information, the demand and importance for complete quality methods has increased tremendously. Tanco supports the need to make manufacturers aware and meet necessary arrangements for quality testing before the government starts taking action . Tanco is thus , providing Quality  Laboratory  Testing Equipment s that enable you to clearly determine nutritional facts about your products. The Company is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification which stands as a  testimony for an excellent quality management system. Tanco is also WHO GMP & CE  Certified and has the facility for complete clean room and dehumidification systems and also have the arrangements for setting up of special microbiology labs. At par with intentional standards Tanco, through world-class testing equipment, has proved to the best in its league.

High Temperature Muffle Furnaces

Muffle Furnaces
PLT 243 (A)

High-Temperature Muffle Furnaces

These Muffle furnaces are designed to meet the requirement in educational, research and industries mainly for conducting ash test 7 for the treatment of samples under high temperature.

These furnaces are specially designed to meet the requirements of High Temperature, the casing is made of M.S reinforced wth Iron angels duly painted, the chamber made of Ceramic Zirconium Board and elements are placed horizontally in the Chamber. Heating is done by Imported Silicon Carbide rods duly controlled by Accurate step down transformer (Air cooled), it saves energy up to 30% with easily replaceable Carbide Rods. These Furnaces have outstanding Temperature reliability and have large surface radiation ratio to enhance thermal efficiency and power consumption. Control Panel is fitted with Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controlled up to 1600 C with Amp. Control Panel is provided separately having Ammeter and Volt Meter etc. Maximum Furnace Temperature up to 1600 C Working Furnace Temperature up to 1600 C working Temperature
 up to 1550 C.

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Serological Water Bath Manufacturer & Exporter

Tanco Lab Product is a Leading name in Quality Laboratory Equipment with nationwide presence. Our products are being sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our Serological water baths is a versatile equipment to handle any clinical procedure, Incubation, Inactivation, Agglutination & Bio medical procedures.

Fluid Warming Cabinet

Fluid Warming Cabinet or Saline warning cabinet commonly also known as Warning Cabinets are must use Equipment in ICU,OT and other Critical areas where usage IV Fluids are involved.

This Cabinet Works on a Principal of heating technology which ensures appropriate temperature of IV Fluid before it gets direct Contact with the patent Special kind of heating technology is used in the Instrument which ensures rapid temperature Acquisition and that too with minimum temperature variation  with the help of Durable Coaxial Blower forced air circulation help to maintain  temperature Uniformity in the chamber thus providing best of the results. 

A Full View inner Plexi Glassdoor enables monitoring and enspection of inner Chamber Specimen without providing any hindrance by a user to avoid any kind of thermo labs high-grade PUF / Glass Wool Insulation is provided between the layers of inner and outer Chamber .

warming Cabinet

User-friendly Interface that is Electric Digital Temperature Indicator, Controller fitted with visual and audio alarm with battery backup facility is incorporated in the instrument thus providing best of the accurate results . Caster Wheels are also provided wth the equipment for easy portability .

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Manufacturer & Exporters of Scientific Lab & Medical Equipment

At Tanco we stand for the best of Quality & Innovative technologies approach. So that we manufacturer best of the Quality Assured Products. We Cater the needs of Medical Institutions, Scientific and Research Laboratory, Educational Institutions, Pharmaceutical, food and other various Industries. Our Experience in the Quality testing, Instruments provides the best Answer to any Quality Related Problem.

 At Tanco, we welcome for Importers and Distributors Worldwide Partner with us. 

Medical Equipment quality

Management Team At Tanco Lab Product

Tanco: A name that spells quality. Come into existence way back in 1960 when Lt.Shri P.L.Tandon laid the foundation of the company. Later his younger son, Mr.Sudhir Tandon, the Managing Director, helped the company to grow by leaps and bounds through the power of vision and wisdom. However, the man who inspired the company to stay a step ahead of technological revolution with his new genre of innovative ideas and trends is Mr.Aman Tandon, Marketing Head of the company Presently, Tanco is a leading name in Quality laboratory equipment with  nationwide presence, Has the reputation of being on the edge to provide pioneering technology in the field of Quality Testing equipment. Our wide range of quality testing products are the best quality solutions available in the market to meet the demands for quality assured products.
Sudhir Tandon
Managing Director
Mr. Sudhir Tandon
Aman Tandon
Marketing Head
 Mr. Aman Tandon

Today, we are under a great threat from non-quality ensured Products that damage the healthy decorum of society. We, at Tanco Lab Product, resolve to motivate society towards quality products through our world class quality testing equipment. Our mission is to make people realize the importance of quality in everybody's life.
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